The Pitcher Holdaway Promise

Here at Pitcher & Holdaway, we take pride in our ability to find unique solutions to obtain the results you deserve. We will work diligently for you-- finding a resolution that will best address your specific needs, whether it be through informal negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or litigation. You can be confident that your legal matters will be taken seriously, and when litigation is required we will represent you aggressively. We will tell you if your case will not likely get the results you seek, or we will tell you if your case will likely cost more money then you will likely recover. We feel it’s unfair when a lawyer charges you more money on a case then you are seeking to recover. Further, we will tell you what you can do to reduce your bill, thereby getting you where you want to go, with less legal fees and expenses. Why? Because the lawyers at Pitcher & Holdaway were not born lawyers, nor are they some lawyer's kid--we understand the frustration with lawyers you may have and we seek to transform the legal process to make it affordable, comprehensive, and digestible.

If you seek representation concerning a criminal action, you can be confident that we will put the prosecution to its full burden of proof -- fighting for your rights, and keeping you informed and involved every step of the way. Rest assured you will see the evidence the prosecution plans on using against you and that we will explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case to you. We will never make you "plea out" your case if that is not what YOU want. We don't make side deals--we recognize the ever-present "small town mentality" and how other lawyer's may utilize this factor as an "out" to bargain away your rights in an effort to receive a bargaining chip in another case. This is not how we operate.

When drafting services are what you desire, contracts, wills, and correspondence will be drafted with an eye for detail and tailored to your specific request. If a scrivener’s error is made in your document, we will not charge you to correct our mistake.

We are focused on making a difference. You will be treated fairly and dealt with honestly; with all services structured to your specific needs and we offer services other law firms do not--representation built upon your budgetary guidelines that can be set from the beginning of your representation so you know where your case is going. If you can do the legwork to keep your fees down, or we have some suggestions to keep your fees low, we will tell you. A lot of cases come and go, we want to please you, as our clients are our #1 advertisers.

We strive on getting real people where they want to go, with a price tag they can afford with flat fees, low per hour rates, and integrity in legal representation....that's why our clients tell us that we're giving lawyers a better name.